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What a weekend!!!

I am incredibly pleased to announce the phenomenal results of Cardiff North Taekwon Do school in the Welsh Championships.

Alfie Dinapoli - Gold Medal for Red Belt Patterns 14-17-year-old category and Gold medal for Red Belt Sparring 14-17-year-old category

Elena Borodich Suarez - Gold Medal under 14 female sparring yellow and green belt category.

Libby Beavan - Bronze medal for Yellow and green belt patterns 14-17-year-old category

Emma Dinnick - Silver Medal for sparring 14-17-year-old Female black belt category.

Pablo Revs - Silver medal for Sparring Adult male Veteran green and yellow belt category.

Beatriz Casado - Gold Medal for Veteran patterns green and yellow belt category and Silver medal for Veteran female sparring category

Richard Williams - Bronze medal for Patterns Adult Red belt Category.

Sam and Bo Lin, unfortunately, didn't come away with medals but performed very well.

These Individuals have demonstrated their ability and achieved at the highest level. Not only by the way of medals but that of respect and recognition of the courtesy and integrity in representing all of us.

I am incredibly proud to have witnessed such a brilliant effort by everyone.

Congratulations all.

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