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For everyone's attention!!!

Good Afternoon all.

As a result of the current exams at the Heath, we are being disrupted on a Wednesday class. And as a result of the overwhelming feedback and support for the options available to us, I will be moving the Wednesday class to the Miskin Manor, Cardiff from the 15th of may temporarily.

The class times will remain the same.

The facilities available to us are second to none. I appreciate that the location is very different but emphasize that the Heath Hospital remains our Tae Kwon Do home.

I appreciate everyone's support and commitment during this time and look forward to this New, all be it temporary, change to our norm and a great opportunity.

I will circulate details of address location shortly.

Ample free parking is available and access to the facilities are available to us whilst training.

If anyone has any questions

Please do not hesitate to contact me.

Mr. Johns V

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