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Happy Chinese New year!!!

Good evening all. 2 quick announcements We would like to wish everyone a happy Chinese New year. And a message for all black belts and 1st kups, the following message is from UKTA regarding the seminar and grading in March. Thank you for the Applications already submitted for the forthcoming National Seminar and Grading being held in Cardiff in March 2019. All applicants who have submitted their paperwork have been e mailed an acknowledgment. Please note that the closing date for applications to be received is 22nd Feb 2019 and no applications will be accepted after this date. I have attached the Grading criteria and Application form for your use and submissions. Thank you. With kind regards Carrie King UKTA Office Manager For those who require the forms or any additional information please get in touch with myself or Bev via here or email Thank you. 

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