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Class will be broken up for the next 2 weeks due to half term and the upcoming Welsh open this sunday, Class will resume on 6th of June.

The Welsh open is taking place in Sophia gardens on Sunday Mr John's would like to see as many people there as possible wither to enter or compete. If you are entering please do so by Thursday night which I think is the cut off day. There are new rules for competitors and can be found on the website.

Any questions regarding those rules please see Mr John's

Congratulations to our newly promoted Ellena.. green end Tatjana... green end.

Charlotte promoted with a +pass to yellow belt.

I am incredibly proud of all of you. Your hard work has paid off. Well done.

All reminder for all today is the last opportunity to enter the Welsh Championship this includes officials. This is a reminder for black belts. There has been a disappointing representation by our bb in recent competitions as has been in class of late.

Please consider your position and responsibility as a bb in that what not only I expect but that also of the UKTA. Minimum attendance is to be met of national competition as contender or official in order to grade.

I look forward to seeing you at this our hosted competition representing our school and supporting our students.

Mr Johns V

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