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A big thank you

Thank you everyone for your relentless support and unmissable integrity and indomitable spirit in being a part of yesterday's area seminar and grading. Our presence as always was noticeable in our numbers, standard and commitment at Cardiff North Taekwon Do school. I am so very proud and grateful to be your instructor. May I also take this opportunity to announce our newest promotions to senior colour belt Noaha Morgan 3rd kup and Enfys Morgan 5th kup. At the ages of 6 Enfys and 8 Noaha this is an incredible achievement, two of the youngest senior colour belts currently within Wales UKTA and Cardiff North Taekwon Do school. This has been achieved within 3 years of studying Taekwon Do, in which both have grown in so many ways. Their foundation is set for an incredible future in Taekwon Do and I look forward to every minute of it with them. Congratulations to two "superstars". Yours in Taekwon Do Mr Johns V Reminder no class tonight due to the seminar. 

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