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New Term and Acknowledgements.

Mr John's sends his apologies for not attending first class due to him being in Middlesborough for the UKTA National Seminar.

"Can I thank everyone who was present this weekend. Ben Miller, Michael Barker, Tim Morgan, for their commitment and effort, so much was gained and your contribution was an example to all. You made me very proud to be your instructor.

A special thanks to Rob who's support quite frankly made the weekend possible. We are so lucky to have the support and encouragement of our TKD family. Thank you.

Another special congratulations to Mr Barker who received a lifetime contribution to TKD recognition. This was awarded to all who have contributed to UKTA for 24 years or more"

Mr John's also received this award and we wish to send him our congratulations also.

Looking forward to seeing people in training from today on wards.

Big things to come for us all.

Thank you


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