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What an Amazing Month!!

This month has been one of the busiest for our school in a long time and the hard work that each student has put in is phenomenal!!

Summer BBQ

We had our annual summer BBQ with the aim to raise as much funds for Friends of Storey Arms. Even though the weather was not on our side the support from friends and family was in HUGE supply and we cannot thank you enough for your help. Will update with another post when we work out how much we raised.


On the 7th of July we performed a short demo about self defense and promoting health and well being for women. this was made available for Cardiff students that studied at the medical school. Was a good day had by the people who took part and hope they learnt something from the session.

50th Anniversary Seminar and Dinner.

A Brilliant weekend to celebrate Taekwondo being apart of the UK for 50 years. The Seminar was a massive turn out from beginners to the highest ranks within the UKTA which was a great atmosphere.

The night time dinner and dance was great fun and the celebrations lasted well into the next day.

Thanks to all for a fantastic month, here's to the next month and our Triathlon coming up in September!!


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