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Yellow belt

Quick info:

Pattern: dan gun

Meaning: Dan gun is named after the holy Dan Gun, The legendary founder of korea in 2333BC

Movements: 21

Requirements for grading: Pattern, (name, meaning, no of movements), 3 step sparring

time to wait before green tags: 3 months


New movements: knife hand guarding block (sonkal daebi makgi) rising block (chookyo makgi) knifehand outwards strike (sonkal bakuro tureigi) Twin forearm block (sang palmok makgi)

New stances: L stance

New motions: continuous motion (two or more movements performed one after another without an obvious pause, each with their own breath and sine wave)

Step spar

For green tags grading you will need to perform 3-step sparring. 3-step sparring is when the attacker attacks three times, the defender defends three times, then the defender counter-attacks once. The attacker is required to measure the distance for the attack before attacking.



Parts of the arm

The parts of our arms are important to know. Not only for our gradings, but to ensure we dont get injured


Theory quiz

What does the belt colour yellow mean?

How many movements in this pattern?

What section are the punches in this pattern performed?

What is continuous motion?

How many unique blocking techniques are in this pattern?

Yellow Belt signifies the earth from which a plant sprouts and takes root as the foundation of Taekwon-Do is being laid.

There are 21 movements in Dan Gun

The punches in Dan Gun are high section.

Continuous motion is two or more movements performed one after another with no obvious pause, each with its own breath and sign wave

There are 4 blocking techniques in Dan Gun

  • Knife-hand guarding block (sonkal daebi makgi) 

  • Low block (bakup palmok makgi)

  • twin forearm block (sang palmok makgi)

  • Rising block (chookyo makgi)

Black Belt help

(Black belt wisdom)

Help from colour belts

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