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  • To learn artistic discipline in order to demonstrate poise and self control in our everyday lives.

  • To learn self defence skills, this is not about promoting violence but preventing people becoming victims of violence or helping them to deal with past or recurring incidents.

  • Taekwon-do is fantastic exercise, our instructors are very aware of every individuals abilities and potential and will help them work toward achieving this potential if that is what they desire. As well as improving physical and psychological well being, strength, speed, self control, self confidence, balance, memory, concentration and coordination are also increased.

  • Training sessions are fun and are social occasions, with events often taking place outside of training sessions.

  • It teaches children values and respect, much of which seems to be missing in our society.

  • Most sessions are family occasions where fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters meet and find they have a common interest and passion.

Family and Social occasions

Family and social occasions that happen can consist of BBQ's (with the right weather!!), aswell as Kids events, nights out for adults and kids which can contain all sorts of Events and Games.

These normally are used as platform builders towards a charity that we take on every year.

Squad Training is a great platform for students looking to take part in Worldwide competitions and to improve their taekwondo overall.

It is open to all 2nd kup students(Red Belts) and above unless stated before.

Our school is made up of lots of different people each with a unique personality.

Events that often take place are Demonstrations, Social nights out as well as Seminar's and tournaments. By clicking the button above this will give you a list of upcoming events.

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