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The Team

Mr. Darren Johns - 6th Degree - International Instructor

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Hello and welcome to Cardiff North Taekwondo School.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website, I hope that it is able to answer some of your questions and to give you a real insight into, not only what Taekwondo has to offer, but also for you to see what Cardiff North Taekwondo School is able to provide. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me on the details that are attached, I would love to speak to you.

A little bit about me... I have studied Taekwondo for more than 30 years and I am able to boast that I have studied under Grand Master Prewett all my Taekwondo life.  I have enjoyed and experienced all aspects of Taekwondo from local, national, and international competitions to the technical, self-defense training that we all can gain from this incredible martial art.  I have enjoyed studying under numerous ITF Senior Masters and Grand Masters, this has given me a real understanding and great enthusiasm for passing on all that Taekwondo has provided me.I have been instructing Taekwondo for in excess of 15 years, I am qualified to class ‘A International Instructor and in the instruction of children and vulnerable adults. I am registered with the British Taekwondo Council and the International Taekwondo Federation. This is in order to provide you with the best Taekwondo training and practice.

I, together with all those that assist me at Cardiff North Taekwondo School are fully CRB checked and registered within the BTC. I have taken from my personal experience both inside and outside of Taekwondo, in doing so I have benefited from the practical understanding of what this valuable Martial Art has given me and will pass on this experience.

Mrs. Beverly Clatworthy

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l have been part of a TKD family for over 30 years and  I have been involved with Cardiff North TKD from the beginning which was over 12 years ago and still enjoy being part of a family-orientated School.  I am responsible for the administration of all paperwork, finances, organization of courses, competitions, and the general day to day running of Cardiff North TKD

Mr. Richard Williams


I Myself started training in Taekwon-do for over 10 years now and I have recently achieved the rank of Black Belt.

I myself have always been into martial arts and all forms but this is the place I feel at home. The school gives a good warm welcome to whoever comes along and this makes coming to class more enjoyable every week.

We train hard and learn a lot of different things from patterns to self-defense for everyday situations.  The ethos of the club is what makes it family-based.

Having recently been promoted to the Team as a webmaster is a great honor and Mr. Johns has nothing but faith and confidence in whoever comes to class.

Please come along you won't be disappointed!! 

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